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Advanced VBA Excel

To start right at the beginning VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA refers to the programming language that can be used within Microsoft Excel along with various other Microsoft Office products such as Word, Access, PowerPoint and even Outlook. I am VBA trainer in Nepal. I am providing VBA training and Excel Automation service to different organization.

As far as programming languages go it is considered one of the easier languages to grasp, which is good news for us! The reason for this is that VBA is an event-driven programming language meaning that the flow of your program is determined by events such as clicking the mouse or entering a formula and pressing keys, this makes it easier to understand because it forms a logical flow.

VBA has major two parts:

  1. Developing forms and operate as a desktop software.
  2. Use excel cells itself for data intake and perform various task by vba code. That is basically conversion of manual work into vba code.

Are you looking for:

  1. VBA Trainer ?
  2. Or Excel Automation ?